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Edgewater Farms is open from September 23 - October 29, Friday evenings and most of the day Saturdays. Our work hours are Friday's from 3:30-9pm, and Saturdays from 10:45am-4pm and 4pm-9pm. There will be flexibility to your shifts. We are an outdoor event so work will be weather dependent; Edgewater Farms may be closed due to weather or you may be asked to go home early if the weather gets bad and/or there aren't many guests at the farm. You'll be contacted for an interview and if you are hired orientation will be required (date to be determined). Must be 15 or older to apply (25 to drive the tractor) and be able to get yourself to and from work on time for each shift. You will be notified via e-mail or phone if we would like to interview you. Thank you!